25 Recipes update

I’m changing my list for the 25 Recipes challenge. Why? Because I can.

Actually, I realized that there are several things that should have been on there, things I’ve always wanted to make, that just didn’t occur to me over the couple of days I was working on this list before Christmas. And that means there are a couple of things on the list that are really a stretch, things I was just grasping for, that I’ve never really wanted to make but probably would have enjoyed.

So here’s the updated list:

25 recipes challenge
1. mussels
2. eclairs
3. linguine with clam sauce
4. crackers
5. brioche
6. challah
7. beef wellington
8. roast duck
9.  soft boiled eggs
10. lobster (particularly terrifying)
11. ricotta
12. ice cream
13. omelets
14. pot roast
15. mayonnaise
16. tofu
17. caramel
18. lasagna (completely from scratch, including the noodles)
19. creme brulee
20. browned butter anything (i can’t brown butter without burning it)
21. chicken piccata done right
22. marshmallows
ADD: 23. sourdough bread
ADD: 24. tamales
ADD: 25. tortillas
7. cioppino
25. chestnut stuffing
18. blini with sour cream and caviar

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