Thrift Treasure Find: tea pot

We spend a lot of time at Goodwill and our other area thrift stores – sometimes because we’re looking for something specific, and sometimes just because we enjoy sifting through those pieces of history. We were at our neighborhood Goodwill on Saturday, and I was wandering through the housewares section. Two grandmothers were chatting near me about their grandkids, and I was half eavesdropping and half browsing. A Goodwill employee was stocking the shelf on the other side of me. It occurred to me while I was looking at mis-matched cheap floral vases and Christmas decorations that I should probably keep my eye out for a new tea pot. We’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately, and needed another large tea pot to keep up.  I didn’t remember ever seeing a tea pot in a thrift store, so they probably weren’t a common item (unlike cheap floral vases).

So I turned around, and was about to ask the store employee if they ever see tea pots, when I noticed a homely brown tea pot on the shelf right near her head. I stepped over to examine it, and saw a $0.95 price tag. So I put it in the cart, and thought “What the heck?” It looked like this:

See, pretty homely, right? Nothing special, I’m not usually a fan of brown, but it would certainly work just fine, and you can’t beat the price, right? That’s what I thought. There’s some extraneous paint on the surface, it looks like a child spattered it a bit with acrylic craft paint, or tempera paint, or something:

But that extra paint comes off when I scrape it with my thumbnail, so it will come clean. (I love the reflection in this photo, by the way.)

I went and found Greg, and showed him what I found. He looked at it, and had most of the same thoughts that I did, and then we admired the particular shape of the spout. It curves at the very end, which would stop drips, which would seem to make a lot of sense. The tea pot is growing on us at this point, it’s getting more interesting by the moment.

And then we turned it over and read the marks on the bottom:

Guys, this tea pot was made by hand in the town in Canada where I grew up. If you can’t read that, it says around the edge: “Royal Canadian Art Pottery” and on the inside, “Hamilton Canada / Royal Dripless.”

My jaw hit the floor in the middle of Goodwill. I know stuff is just stuff, but this little tea pot that has traveled Lord knows how far has found a special place in my heart. I think it’s safe to say it’s grown on me.

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3 Responses to Thrift Treasure Find: tea pot

  1. Renee says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! What a special find!

  2. me says:

    i have a tea pot with the same name on the bottom of it.

  3. rmouse says:

    I have the same tea pot which was owned by my great grandmother in North Carolina.

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