Grandma A: Spicy Chicken in Sauce Over Rice

Yes, that is really the title of the first recipe we chose from Grandma A’s recipe box. (There won’t really be any rhyme or reason to the order we try these in.)

This particular recipe was in these recipe boxes at least three times; Grandma and Grandpa A must have re-copied it over and over, presumably because they liked it.

Here it is, as written:

Spicy Chicken in Sauce Over Rice
1/3 C ketchup
1/4 C applesauce
1 tsp curry sauce powder
1/2 tsp seasoned salt
dash black pepper
1/4 tsp dried thyme
1/3 C raisins
1 medium green papper cut in thin strips
1 medium onion cut into 16ths
2 TBS olive oil
1/4 tsp garlic minced or garlic powder
1/4 C peanuts
1 lb cooked chicken cut into 1/2 in. wide strips

Combine 1st 7 ingredients in a bowl and set aside. In large skillet saute onions, peppers, and garlic in 1 TBS oil until peppers are crispy tender. Remove veggies from skillet and set aside. Saute chicken in rest of oil about 2 minutes each side. Stir ketchup in with chicken. Cook ’til sauce is bubbly. Add sauteed veggies and stir ’til coated with sauce. Top with peanuts. Serve over rice.

Here’s the cast of characters:
And here’s the finished dish (served with leftover cornbread and salad with homemade buttermilk dressing):

A couple of notes/changes/suggestions:

1. First of all, you’re going to have to ignore the exposure on my camera until either spring comes or I play with it enough to get it where I want it. It’s winter, it’s dark out. Sorry. 🙂

2. The recipe had a note next to the ingredients that said to double the sauce, so I did.

3. I bought individual serving packs of applesauce, rather than a big jar, since it’s something we don’t eat very often. 1/2 C of applesauce (which is double what the recipe calls for, since I was doubling the sauce) is just about exactly what’s in an individual serving cup of applesauce. We also used a very tart, no sugar added, Granny Smith applesauce.

4. I didn’t have cooked chicken, so I just used strips of raw chicken, and sauteed them first until golden. I set them aside, sauteed the veggies as directed, and then returned the chicken to the pan.

5. The sauce as directed was very thick, almost gloopy, so I stirred in about 1/2 C of chicken stock after I added it to the pan. Next time I could see adding even 3/4 C or 1 C – we like lots of sauce on our rice.

6. The sauce was very sweet (not surprisingly), so we each added hot sauce at the table. That made a good dish into something much more interesting. We also might try tomato puree instead of ketchup next time.

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