Polenta Cutlets with Tomatoes, Olives, and Green Beans

This wasn’t a failure, but it was extremely labor intensive, messy, and probably not very healthy in the end – and the taste was good, but definitely not worth all that work.

I was riffing off a Moosewood recipe (by the way, I always type Moosewood as Mooseqood). I made the polenta after dinner one night earlier this week; boiled water and salt, added polenta slowly, and stirred until it thickened and the cornmeal was cooked through. I poured it in an oiled pie pan and set it in the fridge. The next night, I made tomato sauce with the extra tomatoes that didn’t get used last week, which took another hour and a half or so. We ate some of the sauce on pasta, I used some on the pizza, and the rest was saved for this.

Finally, on the night we actually ate this, I decided to alternate rounds of polenta with fried green tomatoes, just for the heck of it. I had a phenomenal lunch in a no-longer-open restaurant in Roanoke a couple of years ago that was a stack of alternating fried green tomatoes and crab cakes, like a Napoleon, so I wanted to play with that idea here. So I cut rounds of polenta, dipped them in egg and then in a mix of fresh breadcrumbs, flour, and parmesan, and sauteed lightly. I did the same with the slices of green tomatoes, and kept those all warm in the oven. Meanwhile, cheddar sausages were roasting in the oven, and the tomato sauce was simmering with kalamata olives, green beans, and navy beans.

I layered the polenta rounds and fried green tomatoes, spooned sauce over them, and we ate with the cheddar sausage and salad. It was good, but it was just all kind of disappointing after several hours worth of work over a couple of days.

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