Chard Cheese Bake

Could also be spinach, or mustard greens, or anything else you like. But chard it was tonight. This is the perfect way to use up an entire bunch of chard that you don’t know what to do with – it’s mild and tender enough for picky eaters, and can be jazzed up with anything you like. Sausage, pesto, fresh tomatoes, other kinds of cheese, hot peppers, salsa….anything. As we were eating this, we thought it would be really good with crumbled blue cheese instead of sharp cheddar — and it’s too bad that didn’t occur to me an hour earlier, because I have an enormous wedge of blue cheese leftover from our massive celebration earlier this month.

Cook chard until tender, mix eggs with milk, cheese, seasonings, and pour over bread cubes. Bake. Very simple.

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