Double Carrot Soup

Another disappointing recipe from Deborah Madison’s Local Flavors. It’s too bad, really, because this is a cookbook I really want to love. I even borrowed this from the library first to make sure I was something I wanted to have in my kitchen (which? something I rarely do. I just buy lots of cookbooks. Lots and lots.). But this recipe, called Carrot Top Soup officially, I think, was just disappointing.

Basically, you finely chop some fresh carrots and saute them, then add water or vegetable stock and simmer for a bit; mince the feathery carrot tops and add them, with some rice. Simmer until it’s all tender.

I went ahead and tasted it then, and was underwhelmed, so I added a little yogurt and pureed some of the soup to give it some body and smooth it out a bit. It didn’t work..

It didn’t have much depth of flavor, and while the carrot greens were a nice touch and added some carrot-y freshness, they still seemed off somehow. Sad. It’s not even a pretty color like you might expect.

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4 Responses to Double Carrot Soup

  1. Sarah says:

    where are those chocolate beet cupcakes? and why are you not eating those for dinner?

  2. wellmet says:

    Well, the chocolate beet cupcakes went to book club and then to work with me, so I can’t eat them for dinner. But that would have been much tastier than this soup, and really about as nutritious. I will make note for next time. 🙂 And then I will send you beet cupcakes.

  3. Tammy McLeod says:

    I hate when that happens. She was just in our community promoting the book and (fortunately?) I couldn’t attend so I didnt’ end up with a new book. Molly Katzen has some great variations on carrot soup in Moosewood Kitchen if you can check that one out.

  4. wellmet says:

    Thanks – I have a couple Moosewood cookbooks, and it looks like I’d be better served by buying more. 🙂 I really really wanted to like Local Flavors, but have just been disappointed over and over.

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