CSA Week Seven: Ingredients

This week’s basket contains:

Carrots, basil, tomatoes, salad mix, summer squash, onions, cherry tomatoes, and the biggest cucumber I’ve ever seen.

Expanded view:

And in case you can’t get a good look at that cucumber:

This thing is massive! It was literally the length of the diameter of my half-bushel basket! Insanity.

The plan:

  • Tomato-basil linguine with tomatoes, basil, pine nuts, and goat cheese (known in my house as LA Spaghetti, from a recipe from the LA Times when my family lived there in 1988 while my dad was on sabbatical at UCLA)
  • Carrot soup (using the greens and the roots), with roasted sausage (served separately, not in the soup), and cucumber sandwiches
  • Stuffed green peppers (not sure what I’ll stuff them with yet, maybe something with quinoa?)
  • Pasta with pesto, zucchini and ricotta
  • Tea-smoked salmon (have you seen the newest issue of Fine Cooking? This looks and sounds to die for!) with cucumber relish
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2 Responses to CSA Week Seven: Ingredients

  1. rebekah says:

    you know what i like in peppers? cous cous and roasted vegetables. i just adore cous cous.

    that is a pretty damn big cucumber.

  2. wellmet says:

    Ooh, good call. I do have lots of vegetables we could roast, and since we’re grilling soon anyway, we could even grill them and stuff the peppers with them. Yum.

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