CSA Week Five: Summary

This week’s plan got derailed a bit, because we had houseguests for the weekend (yay houseguests!), and threw a huge party. Lots of things were eaten, but not many photos were taken, and the plan went off the rails. But that’s the best part of having guests, and we had an absolutely amazing weekend. Thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate all the things that needed celebrating!

The original plan:

The last two didn’t happen, which is a shame, since I was really looking forward to that tamarind dressing, since we finally managed to find tamarind concentrate at the Asian market. That’s one of those ingredients I’ve sought for many years. But the dressing will come again, in some other meal.

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2 Responses to CSA Week Five: Summary

  1. Dan'l says:

    What’s the plan for all those leftover hamburger patties?

  2. wellmet says:

    We took them out of the package, stacked them in Ziploc bags, and froze them. We had some for dinner tonight, with grilled corn and baked oven fries. 🙂

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