Momentary Interruption

I’m interrupting the flow of vegetable-related posts to tell two very cute stories. Well, at least one of them is very cute – the other one is about how ditzy I can be.

Cute thing #1:
Last night, Greg was watching Top Gear (don’t ask me what it’s about), and he found it so incredibly amusing that he started giggling like a little girl. This was so delightful to me that I posted on facebook:

“my husband is laughing so hard at topgear right now that i think he might injure himself. quite hilarious.”

The next morning (that would be today), I started getting all kinds of comments on that status update, talking about how amazing and funny Top Gear is. So Greg and I were emailing back and forth at work, and had the following conversation.


“I can’t believe MY facebook status is turning into a massive discussion of TOPGEAR, instead of a discussion of how funny you were last night. :)”


“tee hee! what can i say, when you hit the right note, things resound.”


“none of my other facebook posts get any comments, but mention top gear and the world goes mad! i guess it’s more interesting than vegetables….”


“more likely top gear fans are just more vociferous”


“true, vegetable fans are more cruciferous…”

Now, you have to be a special kind of nerd to think that’s funny and not nerdy, but we were amused.

Cute thing #2:

Sunday we spent all day long cleaning, hacking down the excessive shrubbery in the yard, gardening, etc, etc. By the end of the day, I was bushwhacked, thoroughly exhausted. I came upstairs, brushed my teeth and washed my face, and grabbed a black and white flowered nightgown from the closet in the hallway where we keep such things.

I walked into our bedroom and realized that when we had stripped the bed to do the laundry earlier, neither of us had remembered to make the bed again. So I went back to the bathroom and grabbed a clean set of sheets from the linen closet, and went back to the bedroom. I made the bed as fast as I could – at this point, I was literally falling asleep standing up, so I knew I couldn’t get too involved. (Poor Greg ended up having to put pillowcases on his pillows in the dark when he came to bed, because I just couldn’t handle it). I finished making the bed —

and couldn’t find the nightgown anywhere. I looked on the floor, on my dresser, in the bed, in my closet, in the bathroom, in the linen closet, in the hallway closet…it was gone.

So I found new pajamas, and went to bed and fell asleep.

The next night, I was making dinner when Greg came home, and I asked him to solve the mystery for me. I explained everything I just explained above, and posed the question: “So where are my pajamas?” He went upstairs and retraced my steps, trying to think like a very tired Sarah. Twenty minutes later, dinner was ready, and I went to find him. He was well and thoroughly stumped.

Anyone have any guesses?

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6 Responses to Momentary Interruption

  1. Peggy Graham says:

    More than likely when you strip the bed to wash the sheets next time you will find the nightgown underneath the bottom sheet. Do I win a prize if my guess is correct? LOL

  2. wellmet says:

    Excellent guess, but that was the first place Greg checked – no luck.

  3. E says:

    In the linen closet with the sheets? Elsewhere in the bathroom? In one of the dogs’ crates? In the hall closet, having never been moved in the first place?

  4. wellmet says:

    We checked the linen closet, the rest of the bathroom, and the hall closet, and it wasn’t in any of those places. I didn’t check the dog crates, but I also didn’t go anywhere near the dog crates (and I know the dogs didn’t steal my nightgown, because they weren’t with me, they were downstairs with Greg).

    It was quite the mystery! (We did eventually find it, by the way, so there is an answer.)

  5. E says:

    If you hadn’t found it, I would’ve guessed that it was somewhere with the scooter my parents bought for Eric when he was ~5 and then couldn’t find come Christmas – and with the box of books that I lost in the move between the 12th Street apartments. Even more mysterious than socks!

  6. wellmet says:

    By the way, it had fallen behind my dresser. It took the two of us nearly an hour to find it, when all was said and done.

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