Garden update

This is definitely the most successful garden I’ve had so far, but I wouldn’t want to jinx it. The tomatoes are coming along nicely, the beans are up and about to start flowering, the peas are curling along. The eggplant looks a little bitten by something, and some kind of animal insisted it needed all my zucchini flowers, but we’re working past those things. And the peach and plum trees look amazing, we should get a great fruit crop this year. We even have a handful of black raspberries.

We also added a garden fence, both to keep out wild critters who keep eating my plants, and to keep Sir Puppy from frolicking through the tomato plants (which, until we put the fence in, he would do with complete abandon after I had just told him not to – it’s a darn good thing he’s so cute, because he’s impossible).

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