Frittata and picnic on the Square

Fridays on the Square is a Harrisonburg tradition all summer, with alternating weeks of concerts and movies. This past Friday was a movie night, with Julie and Julia (which, shockingly, I had never seen), and I volunteered to help set up. So when I got home from work, I quickly made a frittata and threw together a picnic dinner, which we ate on the square. Other than the ants crawling all over my legs, it was a perfectly delightful evening picnic.

I made/brought:

A frittata with sauteed potatoes, breakfast sausage, swiss chard stems, and chives
Bread with homemade strawberry jam
Salad with honey mustard vinaigrette
Cheese (a sharp cheddar and a sage derby)
Crackers, pretzels, etc
Mini-chocolate bar

I don’t have any photos of the completed frittata, but it was just your basic frittata, nothing exciting. Sauteeing the potatoes first and then setting them aside meant that I could put them back in on the bottom and they acted almost like a crust, which was nice. I do have a lovely photo of chopped chard stems:

Some other photos from the evening:

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