Snowpocalypse 09

Normally, snowstorms bypass the Shenandoah Valley, because we’re so well protected by mountain ranges on both sides. Ice storms are a bigger problem here than snow, and the schools close if there’s an inch of snow on the ground.

However: this weekend we had between 22-24 inches of snow. The governor declared a state of emergency, plenty of people have been injured, parts of the interstate were closed, and it’s just been a big dramatic THING. (Those of you who know how much I HATE snow will be pleased to learn that I think this is a very pretty snowstorm, the world looks beautiful, and things are wonderful. Shocking, I know.)

These photos were taken Saturday while it was still snowing:

Here are our cars - there's at least a foot and a half of snow on top of both cars.

The swingset is wearing several hats!

Looking north towards our neighbors

The last time there was a significant snowfall in the valley was 1996, with about 18 inches; apparently the last time there was this much snow was 1908. (And yet, for some reason, several of our neighbors own snowblowers…this seems odd to me.) Friday night there were people in all the grocery stores fighting over toilet paper, bread, and milk (because you can’t get through two or three days at home without 48 rolls of toilet paper? apparently).

Here are the pups playing in the snow – the snowfall is definitely taller than Declan, so they both have to bound through it like jackrabbits. They had an absolute blast playing yesterday.

Anyway, we’re fine, safe, all is well here. We’ve played lots of Scrabble, eaten great snowed-in food, made more jam, and watched every Christmas movie we own. Merry early White Christmas!

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