As most of you know, my mom is doing much much better. She’s home now, she’s eating really well, she’s on home oxygen, and she’s working really hard to try and do well. A physical therapist and a home nurse come by a couple times a week, and she’s very clear headed, which is fantastic. Without a heart-lung transplant, which isn’t going to happen, she probably only has a few years, but I think they’re going to be fantastic years.

While I was home last weekend, I suggested my parents get a cat, and they loved the idea. So today a tiny little black and white kitten came home with my Dad – they found her on Craigslist. Pictures coming shortly.

So all is well! Thanks for your kind thoughts.

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One Response to Updates

  1. rebekah says:

    i am so glad to hear that she’s feeling better. the whole transplant thing is so iffy. when my mom passed she was just barely getting ready to go through the whole testing and whatever process and it was looking like it was going to be extremely difficult on her. love each other well for as long as you’ve still got her. love you.

    that cat, by the way, is extremely cute.

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