Dan, Sarah and I ventured to the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning – Greg elected to stay home and mow the lawn before it got too hot. We got downtown, and kept finding every street to the heart of downtown blocked off. We tried like eighteen different routes, and couldn’t get there, and were getting more and more confused. So we finally parked and walked into downtown, and discovered that the streets were blocked because of the Sherry Anderson Memorial 5K Walk/Run. Sherry Anderson was killed by a drunk driver while jogging in the early morning in January – so sad and unbelievably horrifying, especially in a small town like this.

After we visited the Farmer’s Market, we went to the Artful Dodger for drinks, and had italian sodas out on the patio.

dscn0805(Those are my farmer’s market eggs in the corner – I got the last carton of large eggs, and they were so big the carton can’t close around them. I love non-standardized food.)

dscn0806The bell tower of the Presbyterian church downtown with the pink puffball tree in the foreground – I wish I knew what these trees were, I want one badly.

Anyway, we went to the spring football game, where I got to meet this gorgeous guy:

dscn0816This is Duke, the University Bulldog. We have a regular human mascot in a fuzzy suit, but there’s also always a real dog, and yes, he’s wearing a JMU football jersey.

The day finished with dinner on the porch and Trivial Pursuit, and it was fantastic.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I think this is about the longest a post has gone without getting any comments, at least for a while.

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