Spring Baseball Flowers (not related to each other)

We’ve had a lovely few weekends, visiting with friends and family and traveling and other good stuff.

Last Sunday, we drove to DC for Shane’s birthday, and saw a Nationals game (playing the Florida Marlins). The Nationals lost badly, but it was a lovely day. Andy & Claire were there, and Sarah happened to be in town for a conference, so Dan and Sarah joined us as well. I think E & Shane had two of their worlds meet last weekend, which is always an interesting moment. 🙂

dscn0771You remember when I taught Claire to knit at Thanksgiving? Well, she’s going like gangbusters, and this is her first hat. We will make no comments about the fact that she intended that hat to fit her head when she started, none at all. Suffice it to say that it’s an adorable hat, and a very neat first attempt, and an excellent lesson in the value of gauge.

dscn0772Sarah and Dan, looking adorable as usual. The new Nationals stadium is gorgeous – we hadn’t been to a game since the summer of 2007, and the new stadium is clean and beautiful.

dscn0773There’s Greg (or, rather, Greg’s chin), Andy & Claire, and the birthday boy perched on the edge of his chair in the Nats jersey and hat.

dscn0774During the 7th inning stretch, the gentleman who played the national anthem on saxophone came out again and played God Bless America (or America the Beautiful, I can’t remember). His name was Jeremiah – Justin – something like that.

dscn0785Our tulips are all blooming now – mostly red and orange, with a few other colors, and the last of the daffodils. The lilacs are about to start, too, which makes me happy. (We planted a Beauty of Moscow lilac last weekend – pale pink and white blooms with intense fragrance, but it won’t  bloom for several years.) I’ve never liked this color orange, but that photo above might change my mind.dscn0792 The cherry trees are blooming too – last year, they bloomed and then didn’t fruit at all. I don’t know if it was too dry, or if they’re too young (I’ve no idea how old these trees are).

dscn0795Bailey with a particularly daft, sappy, goofy look on his face. (I was holding a stick in my left hand as I took this picture, that’s what he’s staring at. One track mind, that dog.)

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2 Responses to Spring Baseball Flowers (not related to each other)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    It was Jaared with two As!

  2. wellmet says:

    Aha! Excellent, I knew I had it wrong. (Of course, I missed that part, so I never saw the spelling.) 🙂

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