Luna Bright

So we’ve had a lovely productive Sunday, and it’s stunningly gorgeous outside. We went to church this morning, met Sarah and Dan for brunch (more on the rest of our weekend adventures later), cleaned the house, washed the cars, went shopping, watered the flower beds (soaking myself completely in the process, naturally), and were just generally productive and awesome.

So now it’s 5:30, the air is starting to cool, and I decided to sit outside with a glass of white wine for a few minutes before starting on dinner.  I strolled through the garden, imagining a thousand things we could do (arbor, anyone?), and discovered a raspberry bush I didn’t know we had, and then walked on past the daylilies. I was stunned to find this:

dscn0819We think it’s a luna moth, the giant green gentle moths that are such a rare delight in the summer. I’ve never seen one with purple edging before, but everything else looks right. Greg’s theory is that it’s an immature luna moth, just emerged, and that the purple will disappear as it dries and settles into life.

dscn0823Look at those gorgeous feathery antennae, and the beautiful purple spots (eyes, of course).

Want another angle? Happy to oblige. (Just so you know, taking this next shot involved standing on my head and hooking my left elbow around my neck and under my right knee.)dscn0820

Beautiful. If anyone wants to correct me and tell me it’s a Lithuanian death moth or something similar, feel free. Til then, that’s my story. (Sticking to it, yada yada.)

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2 Responses to Luna Bright

  1. Jeff says:

    Looks right to me. They’ve got no mouths!

  2. rebekah says:

    that is the coolest thing i’ve seen yet.

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