Odd Things

Last night (really, early this morning), I dreamed that I was about to teach my first class this summer. There were way more students in the room than there were supposed to be, but I was going to just go with it.  And then I spilled chocolate pudding all over my khakis.

This afternoon, as I was driving home from work, the minivan in front of me slowed as she neared our driveway.  I thought at first she was going to turn into the historic cemetery right next to our house, but then she turned into our driveway and stopped. When she realized that’s where I was trying to go, she panicked.  (Those of you who have seen our driveway will understand why – it’s not an easy thing to get in and out of without some advance planning.)  So she pulled up to the top of the driveway, and we had a mimed conversation through our respective windshields, and I managed to get out of her way.  She backed out, and kept going the direction she’d intially been going.  No idea what happened there.

At 8:15 this morning, I set off a very loud and piercing alarm unlocking the classroom that my office owns.  Never happened before – not my fault.  Very loud.  Deafening, in fact.

Greg and I ran to the grocery store tonight (I told him I wanted coffee syrup – I’ve been on a big iced coffee kick lately, after visiting a WaWa gas station in Richmond – don’t ask. Anyway, he had no idea what I was talking about – but like always, he just went with it.), and took a different route than normal, a winding and very bumpy back country road.  We came across two young deer – teenagers, really – grazing on the side of the road.  When we came around the curve and startled them, they tried to retreat into the woods, but ended up literally running into each other, tripping over each other, and generally looking like fools from a Three Stooges movie.  Hysterical.

So it’s been a day of surprises.

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14 Responses to Odd Things

  1. Dan says:

    It sounds like you thwarted a would-be intruder, who, now that I think about it, probably got the idea to burgle your abode after seeing detailed photos of the interior on this blog…

  2. wellmet says:

    Nice try – I doubt it, though. Posting those photos was no different than listing a house for sale. Given that I’m convinced the house is pretending to be haunted, and that you’re behind the odd things that have been happening here (the handprint on the wall, the hot cup of coffee on the counter at the end of the day, etc, etc), I suspect you behind this as well. You are the only other person with a key, after all…

  3. Mark says:

    It’s the dreaded “teacher dream”! I used to get those before every semester. Not so much any more. Does that mean I’m getting old?

  4. wellmet says:

    Yes, the dreaded “teacher dream”…I’ve had it before too, but it’s never involved chocolate pudding.

    As for you getting old: never. 🙂 I think I’m getting it now because I haven’t taught in four years – it’s been a while, and I’m hoping I haven’t lost my mad skillz. Or whatever mad skillz I might have once had. Who knows? The good news is that there are only five students in the class, and there won’t be more than ten – so even if I fail miserably, I can’t mess up too many people. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth says:

    That IS a series of surprising events! I dreamt that the introduction to my presentation today at Computers in Libraries was done by L. Ron Hubbard, and then that there was no computer with which to deliver my slides and I had to make small talk while trying to find my notes. The latter part of this partially happened in real life – for some reason the computer couldn’t read my Powerpoint, so I had to make small talk while scrambling to print-to-PDF my presentation. No L Ron Hubbard though.

    I’ll call you tomorrow after Shane’s talk!

  6. wellmet says:

    Yes, I saw all of your tech woes on Twitter today – I’m so sorry! I’ve had those days. But not the L. Ron Hubbard part – eek!

    I have a meeting from 7-8pm tomorrow, but should be around other than that – can’t wait to talk to you!

  7. Jeff says:

    I dreamed I saw Saint Augustine, alive as you or me…

    That deer thing is priceless.

    Teaching is easy; if you do it right, you’re not really doing anything at all. Learning is an active process.

  8. wellmet says:

    True. But it doesn’t mean I’m not nervous.

  9. Dan says:

    Maybe I actually am unknowingly controlling all of your lives with my mind! I seriously, out of the blue, got the urge to read L. Ron Hubbard’s wikipedia biography 2 or 3 days ago, and I did it. It’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone. Or LOST. Or St. Elsewhere. Doo-do-doo-do.

  10. wellmet says:

    You never know, Dan…LOST is everywhere, really.

  11. Mark says:

    Wow! That is WEIRD about your house, Sarah. And you are right about teaching Jeff. If only the students understood that. I’m gonna blog about my Inorganic Chem class this semester.

  12. rebekahseats says:

    surprises can be the only thing that makes some days interesting, i think.

    you live in a very old house next to a cemetery … do you ever wonder about being haunted?

  13. Sarah says:

    Yes, I do love surprises. 🙂 And yes, part of me thinks our house is haunted, and is very glad about it. Greg and I both love ghosts, and were thrilled when we bought the house that it came with a cemetery. 🙂

    I should write a whole post about our mysterious happenings.

  14. rebekahseats says:

    you should. i’d be very interested to read them 🙂

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