Connected to the Luray Caverns is a Car and Carriage museum. Apart from several incredibly cheesy manequins dressed in period clothing, the museum is really impressive, with lots of contextual information. 

But what struck me the most this visit was the year 1910.  1910 is the year our house was built, and I love wandering through our basement and looking at the exposed evidence of almost a hundred years of families and renovations and different construction materials, and thinking about what this house would have been like when it was built. There would have been no electricity, there may or may not have been running water, there was only one storey, and the house would have been surrounded by several hundred acres of farmland (instead of a 1980s era subdivision and some light industrial).

1910 is also the year of these vehicles:


1910 Buick


"This is the famous 'Little White Buick' that brought Buick into its first big production levels. It has manually operated transmission with the same basic design as present hydromatic used on many automobiles."


1910 Maxwell


"Everyone who has ever heard or seen Jack Benny certainly knows the Maxwell car. This car was, in fact, very popular in its era, and became one of the base cars in the formation of the huge Chrysler Corp. Note lack of windshield."


1910 Ford


"This year marks the beginning of mass production. Note lack of front doors and extensive use of brass - features found only on early Model T's. Contrary to popular belief, all Model T's were not black. From 1909-1913, Ford offered six different colors."

Stunning, isn’t it?

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  1. Jeff says:

    Set phasers to stunned.

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