Home again

We’re finally home, after our whirlwind Midwest tour. It was a lovely vacation, Greg’s a superhero who drove almost 2000 miles over the last two weeks, and I got a LOT of knitting done.

A couple of highlights:

We got a Garmin from my parents, and it’s already way more useful than I’d ever considered. We were driving from Chicago to Carlinville on the 26th through constant heavy fog, on I-55, which we both know like the back of our hand. So we didn’t need directions, but the Garmin was useful for “seeing” the road ahead even when we couldn’t. Who knew? It also took us on some very strange detours through Louisville, KY, but that’s more my fault than it’s fault.

We went to the City Museum in St. Louis with Greg’s family (yes, the City Museum with the infamous Mexican dog-looking thing, although we never found it). It’s an absolutely fantastic, very active museum that includes a seven-storey spiral slide, tunnels that go into the walls and ceilings and come out nowhere, lots of climbing and crawling, and a billion cool things to do.  (And some more traditional museum galleries, of course.) If you go here and look at photo 17 of 28 (sorry, I can’t link directly there), you’ll see part of the outdoor craziness. If you look carefully to the left of the plane/space shuttle, you’ll see a wire tunnel that goes up and then over to the left. First of all, I have a severe phobia of walking on surfaces I can see through – sewer grates in cities make me nuts. So crawling through this tunnel four stories above the ground (no joke) required more courage than I usually can muster. Second of all, right at the highest part of it, my camera fell out of my back pocket. The camera survived the fall, somehow, but the battery and memory card didn’t. I’ve ordered new ones, but no photos until then. 

Dan and Sarah #2 are engaged, which we’re all thrilled about.  E and Shane are engaged, which we’re thrilled about. Josh and Sheree are engaged, which we’re thrilled about.  Matt and a girl we met named Amanda are engaged, which we hope works out for the best. And E’s sister and her boyfriend are engaged, and while I’ve never met him, I’m very happy for her.  So it was a season of joyful proposals. 

There was lots of other merriment, seeing old friends, good food (and food poisoning or the flu for Dan), a quick trip to Champaign, and a thousand other details and wonderful moments.

So we’re home, and very glad to be home safe and warm. Bailey hasn’t left my side since we picked him up last night. I think he missed me. Our gate was ripped off its hinges in 60mph winds while we were gone, but the house is otherwise just fine. So we’re spending the weekend cleaning, puttering around, sleeping, NOT driving, fixing the gate, and cooking.

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