Snow becomes the word

It’s been snowing since we got here Saturday, except for a few hours on Monday afternoon:


Taken Sunday afternoon

Taken Sunday afternoon

Taken Wednesday morning

Taken Wednesday morning

There’s several inches difference there, although you might not be able to tell.

Greg and I went to the mall Monday afternoon, even though our Christmas shopping was done – it was really just an excuse to get out of the house.  On the way, we saw this:

dscn0529He thought the line in the middle said “pools spas polio billboards” and was incredibly confused. (If you can’t read it, it says patio and billiards.)

And I’ve been playing with my dad’s camera, which is much fancier than mine, and discovering that all those things about aperture and focal length and shutter speed actually make (a little bit of) sense to me, when I have a camera in my hands that can perform those things. I took lots of pictures of the Christmas tree, the Christmas roses, etc. And this:


Life is just a bowl of...ah, forget it

Life is just a bowl of...ah, forget it

There has been much pursuit of trivia as well, shockingly.  Greg beat my dad for the first time, which is an extraordinarily huge accomplishment, even if Greg claims it doesn’t really count since it was the new version of Trivial Pursuit.  And this is what $100 15-year scotch looks like:

dscn0530We’re having rack of lamb with dried sour cherry sauce tonight, and will open all our gifts as usual, and then do the Christmas stockings and the full Danish cold table spread tomorrow.

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