Travels Homeward, Day 2

We are now safely in Chicagoland, surrounded by 11 inches of snow and -6F temperatures.  It’s so cold here, and I’ve already forgotten how cold like this works, after only having been gone from the Midwest for a year and a half.  Crazy.

Our second day of cross-country travels included more highlights:

  • More notes to self:

dscn0518Self: duly noted. This was on the microwave in the breakfast area at our hotel.  (Question: Why would anyone heat up a hard boiled egg? Why would you want it hot?)

  • Dan, embracing his inner white rapper, singing along to the theme from Eight Mile on XM:


  • Our first glimpses of the snow belt, just north of Lafayette, Indiana:

dscn0522And it only got snowier from there.

We dropped Dan off at Sarah #2’s apartment in Wheeling, and headed north again.  Then we turned around almost immediately, because Dan had forgotten his shoes in the car.  Then we headed north once more, and landed at my parents’ house, where we have since eaten ourselves silly, played Trivial Pursuit, and learned to make scalloped potatoes.  (Yes, you would think I would already know how to do this — note to self #37: Joy of Cooking’s scalloped potatoes recipe is useless.  Worse than useless.)

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2 Responses to Travels Homeward, Day 2

  1. Jeff says:

    Ha ha, Sarah #2.

  2. tasithoughts says:

    I like this travelogue and update. Descriptive. Wow!

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