Girls’ Weekend

It’s so lovely to do girly-things all weekend. And to have my best friends around me, even though we’re scattered across the country.

We got pedicures:

dscn0418We knit (and cross-stitched):

dscn0410dscn0413dscn0416We ate great food, which I sadly have no pictures of, and we had a generally marvelous time.  We had lunch yesterday at Clementine’s, I made stew last night, we had brunch this morning, and vegetable soup this afternoon.  We watched West Wing, which always makes me happy.  We talked about work and future kids and weddings and friends and families and local food systems and boys (who are now really men) and food and knitting and crafting and canning and making friends and a thousand other things.

The boys (and Claire) all went camping, and had a marvelous time in the woods watching deer, hunting firewood, and possibly consuming a frosty beverage or two.  They came back reeking of campfire smoke and freezing, but happy.

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