Harrisonburg International Festival

We missed this festival last year, because by the time we realized it was happening, it was too late to drive the half hour into town.  Fortunately, we don’t have to drive half an hour anymore.

Greg, Dan and I showed up at about 12:30, trying to catch a break in the rain, and the festival was already packed.  I was impressed at how many people showed up, given the forecast of drizzling rain all afternoon. There were dozens of vendors selling jewelry, fabric, musical instruments, art; businesses and service organizations, especially focused on recent immigrants; and about a dozen food vendors, selling everything from Kurdish desserts to kebabs to pupusas. We split a plate of Ethiopian food – lentils, roasted chicken legs, and collard greens, with injera (which Dan thought looked like a car shammy), and then had pork kebabs with tostones, or fried plantains.  

There were also musicians and dancers, and an international fashion show, which we mostly missed because of the rain.  But we did catch the African drummers, and none of us could keep from dancing.

We also split a plate of Kurdish desserts, including baklava, a sesame cookie, a coconut macaroon, and something else – all incredible.

The ethnic diversity in this small town is incredible, and this was a lovely way to celebrate it.

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