This Used to be Easier

We went to Lowe’s this weekend, Greg and I, to get the lumber to build the second raised bed for the garden (see here).  We bought three 2x12x12s; the bed will be 6×8.  So one 2×12 will be cut exactly in half, for the two 6′ sides, and the other two will be cut at 8′.  The 4′ scraps will be used to make corner braces.  Simple, right?

Well, not without the truck. We used to have a pickup, and bringing home 36′ of board would have been no problem. It still would have hung off the end of the truck bed, but we would have been fine.

Now? This is what it looked like:

The car is now so small that the boards are almost twice as long as the car, and they stuck so far out the back that we had to drive about 15mph all the way home, with the hazard lights flashing.  I can’t imagine what kind of silly yuppies we looked like, trying to fit 12′ boards in a 6′ VW Golf. 

We were laughing all the way home at our own silliness.

The dramatic, artsy-er shot:

Those are some loooong boards. *grin*

This should be fun.

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