Scenes from the kitchen

Since the weather has been unseasonably cool lately, which is a welcome although odd change from most Augusts, we made stuffed acorn squash.  The beautiful squash came from my favorite stall at the farmer’s market, the chicken sausage is from Trader Joe’s, and everything else was staples.

Sauteeing onions in bacon fat:

The completed filling (chicken and apple sausage, carrots, onions):

Finished squash, after baking for about 15 minutes (the sqaush was baked separately before being filled):

Chopped local red potatoes, getting ready to go into a salmon chowder:

And finally, Mexican lasagna (Spanish rice, white corn tortillas, ground beef, enchilada sauce, and homemade salsa verde):

See also the new blue flowered quilted placemats.

I can’t believe the summer’s over – even though it stays warm here for so long that I don’t have to face fall just yet.  But we’ve had such an amazing time at the farmer’s market this summer, trying so hard to eat local as much as we can.  It’ll be hard to give up the market, but we’ve learned a lot this year, and will keep doing what we can to make smart choices about what we put in our bodies.

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