Two Days Old

So the students have returned, which means the traffic in town and around campus has tripled, and sales of beer have increased exponentially.  I hear lots of people complaining all the time about the damn students, and while the traffic is frustrating, these students are the reason the university exists, and therefore an enormous part of the entire town.  And I’m not rehashing any of the other arguments here. Period.

But. Today, on our way back from the university-wide faculty meeting, Boss and I were on Port Rd over I-81, and saw a student who had apparently forgotten how to ride a bike.  He was weaving, and having a hard time starting again from the red light (as in, he was having a hard time finding the freaking pedals), and then he crashed into the cement wall of the bridge over the interstate.  We were both watching in horror, convinced he was going to be killed, when we realized he was stone drunk.  At 11 o’clock in the morning.  And trying to ride a bike on one of the busiest and craziest streets in town.  Over an interstate.  

Bet you ten bucks he was a freshman, on campus for his second day.

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