Small Visitor

After I fed Bailey tonight, I was puttering in the kitchen, waiting for Greg to come home from work, and I happened to glance out the window to see this beautiful tiny baby:

 He (she? I have no idea how to tell the gender of a tiny baby fawn. Do I care? Not really.) stayed for a while, and let me take several hundred dozen photos of him (her?).  Given that these were taken through my dining room window, they didn’t turn out too badly.  She (he?) tried to eat some of the mysterious and odd looking bush that grows over the fence. 









Eventually, though, she (he?) started to wander too far towards the gate leading to the road, and since there are idiots who drive by on our very curvy, very hilly street at speeds that would make Michael Phelps blush, I took off for the front door and down the front steps, yelling like an idiot, hoping that I could startle him (her? it?) away from the road and back into the safety of the forest.  

Fortunately, it worked. One more fawn, safe for another day.

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