Dizzying Stacks

We took my brother-in-law, Dan, to Hess Furniture this morning, so that he could behold the glory that is twelve thousand tons of furniture stacked on top of itself in completely random ways.  We absolutely LOVE this place – not only is there always something new, and not only is the furniture beautiful (ok, for the most part), but the store is completely rearranged every time we go.  Whenever someone buys something, they have to shift the whole store around to get that particular item out.  It’s like Tetris, or those tile games where you have one open space and fifteen tiles to shift.  Marvelous.


Anyway, Dan found tons of things he could buy for his apartment once he moves here, but we hadn’t actually looked at apartments yet, so it was hard to know what kind of space he’d have to fill. A very cool 70s-style table and chairs for less than $30, some amazing armchairs in this incredible orange-and-green floral fabric, etc, etc. But then his sharp eyes spotted this beauty:

And I think he’s mad at us, because we bought it.  It lives in our living room now, and while it’s slightly cheesy, it makes Greg very, very happy.  When we host Thanksgiving dinner for all our friends out here in the mid-Atlantic, this might come in handy.

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